Mir Sensitive Skin Care

Balances and soothes sensitive or problematic skin without clogging pores.

Created by holistic skin care expert Gisele Mir.

About Mir Skin Care

Formulated with maximum levels of skin-friendly ingredients and minimal additives.
Designed to balance and soothe sensitive or problematic skin without clogging pores.
The first 100% fragrance-free range: contains no chemical fragrance or essential oils.
Also free from soap, sulphates, ethanol, parabens, colours, pore-clogging oils and butters.
Ethically manufactured in the UK without animal testing. Worldwide delivery.

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June 20, 2016

Cosmetic Ingredients To Avoid

We exclude more than 200 adverse ingredients from our products and were the first company to develop a 100% fragrance-free range formulated without essential oils. We don’t use unnecessary additives such as colours and dyes and you won’t find soap, sulphates, heavy oils or mineral oil in our products.   Where the total exclusion of particular […]


June 20, 2016

Anti Ageing Skin Care

A healthy, calm, clear complexion looks wonderful at any age. Anti-ageing products often contain harsh ingredients which cause irritation and peeling. Using gentle, balancing products and adopting a positive, holistic attitude are your skin’s best friends. I developed the Mir range and our optimal skin care methods with this philosophy in mind.   The acid mantle is […]


June 20, 2016

Press Reviews

Mir is a sought-after collection of botanical skincare offering rival delights to the latest organic beauty trends.  Wonderfully cooling on the skin, these water-based goodies are a real treat.  The Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser has a gentle baby-soft fragrance and contains jojoba beads that purify and cleanse.  Soothing extracts of rosewater and chamomile refresh even the […]