About Us

The Mir Difference

MIR was developed by holistic skin care expert Gisele Mir, a former London lawyer turned cosmetic scientist. Unable to find suitable products for her sensitive and acne-prone skin, she began researching ingredients in the early 80s culminating in the launch of the range in 2002.

Our philosophy is simple: focus on balancing, calming and strengthening your skin instead of "fighting" its problems. Cleansing is the most important part of your routine, which is why we offer 4 cleansers.


• Sensitive ranges often contain substances which can cause immediate or cumulative irritation or blemishes, despite claims to the contrary.
• Problem skin products tend to be harsh, stripping away the acid mantle, which protects against acne-causing bacteria and moisture loss.
• Essential oils, present even in “fragrance free” products can be irritating to sensitive skin, babies and children.
• Organic ranges can be oil-based and lead to clogged pores.
• ”Anti-ageing” products are at best ineffective, at worst irritating.


Blending maximum levels of skin-friendly botanicals with a minimum of additives, MIR is designed to balance and soothe sensitive or problematic skin without clogging pores.

We were the first company to exclude fragrance and essential oils, soap, sulphates, colours, ethanol, parabens and heavy, pore-clogging oils/butters such as almond, avocado, olive, coconut and sunflower and cocoa.

We were also the first to develop a micellar cleansing water (Skin Refresher).

Light-textured and water-based our multi-tasking formulations can be combined with MIR Argan Beauty Oil enabling them to be “customised” precisely for your skin’s changing needs.

Ethically manufactured in the UK without animal testing. Tested on humans since 2000. Sold exclusively from our website. Delivered worldwide.

Gisele's story

I experimented with natural cosmetic ingredients for many years before creating Mir and discovered there are only a few substances with the properties essential to skin health. Some of these have the additional benefit of feeling cool on the skin, providing soothing relief.

These cool, essential ingredients formed the foundation of the Mir Sensitive Skin range and gave us our company name: Cool Essentials Limited.

In addition to this short list of beneficial ingredients, I compiled a "banned" list of harmful, pore-clogging and irritating substances.

Using my simple blends of botanical waters, aloe vera and light oils calmed and cleared my skin, reduced redness and balanced out dry and oily areas. I gave them to friends to try and they were so successful I began to think about starting my own range but had no idea how to go about it.

On 16 April 1996, a life changing day, I read an article entitled "Beauty Queens" in Elle. It was about three women who had developed successful cosmetic ranges without prior industry experience. If they could do it, why couldn't I?

Because of my many years of research, I won a scholarship to study cosmetic science and graduated with merit. I also qualified as a make up artist and worked with a London modelling agency to gain hands on experience with a wide variety of skin types.

Mir launched on 16 April 2002, exactly six years after reading the Elle article. We now have customers in 40 countries. In 2010 the story of Mir's development featured in "Elle Changed My Life" an article in the magazine's 25th anniversary issue.

I have been consulted by newspapers, magazines, the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky News on the care and treatment of sensitive problematic skin. I gained a reputation for my views on anti-ageing products and was invited to be the consulting cosmetic chemist on the TV programme How to Look Good Naked.

I hope you enjoy using Mir as much as I enjoyed creating it.