June 20, 2016

Anti Ageing Skin Care

A healthy, calm, clear complexion looks wonderful at any age. Anti-ageing products often contain harsh ingredients which cause irritation and peeling. Using gentle, balancing products and adopting a positive, holistic attitude are your skin’s best friends. I developed the Mir range and our optimal skin care methods with this philosophy in mind.


The acid mantle is the skin’s first line of defence against moisture loss and acne-causing bacteria. Anti-ageing products can strip away this natural protection. This increases sensitivity, leaving skin unbalanced, vulnerable to blemishes, redness, dryness and premature wrinkles.





All our products are designed to respect the acid mantle and to keep skin clear, supple and smooth.

What I find truly remarkable is that after being mercilessly assaulted day in and day out with claims of anti-aging this and anti-oxidant that – and having fallen for my share of these claims – a skincare line that makes no promises to treat anything has returned my skin to a more youthful normal state. My skin seems to have integrity again, from the inside out, no products sitting on top so-called softening, firming, or smoothing but my skin looking and behaving like real young, healthy skin. (Hillary S., USA)


We avoid harsh substances, including those found in anti-ageing products, and instead use maximum levels of skin-friendly ingredients rich in beneficial properties:

argan oil, rose water, aloe vera, marshmallow, sodium hyaluronate, panthenol, shea butter, allantoin, wild chamomile, green tea, white tea, rosehip oil


We don’t use heavy, pore-clogging oils and butters. Our water-based cleansers and lotions feel deliciously clean and fresh on the skin and all work in perfect harmony with Argan Beauty Oil.





Little has changed since I contributed to this article in March 2003. There is absolutely no sense or logic in irritating and peeling your skin to make it look younger.





“There is no miracle ingredient that will take years off your appearance.  The only miracle is that the cosmetics industry has managed to persuade us otherwise for so long,” says Gisèle Mir, a cosmetic scientist and founder of the holistic skincare range Mir.


“Let me put it this way.  Who will look younger in 10 years time: the person who continuously bombards their skin with anti-ageing products, stripping away the top layer and making the skin more vulnerable to sun damage, then slapping on high-SPF lotions with levels of chemicals to compensate, or the person who treats their skin with respect and has a holistic, intelligent and positive attitude towards natural skin health?”


Mir would go as far as to say anti-ageing cosmetics have the opposite effect on our skin.  “In my opinion you can harm your skin by using anti-ageing products,” she says.  “I believe many of these products accelerate ageing rather than prevent it and I advise my customers to avoid them.”


“Retinoids irritate the skin, so there may be dry and flaky skin, and sometimes itching, soreness, redness and a tight feeling.  Some specialists think retinoids work simply because they irritate the skin, aggravating normal skin repair that will smooth wrinkles.”


“AHAs cause irritation, which may make the skin swell slightly, padding out fine lines.  AHAs also induce a peel, giving a smoother surface but making the skin susceptible to UV damage.”

Extract from “Age Concern” Women’s Health Magazine, March 2003