January 13, 2019

Gisele’s Guide – blog intro

Welcome to Gisele’s Guide, a collection of articles about caring for sensitive, hypersensitive, problem skin and rosacea, cosmetic ingredients, concerns such as premature ageing, blemishes and rosacea. I am currently updating the Guide, it will eventually cover the following topics and I will also add sections on make up, health and fitness recommendations.


•  Caring for your Skin/Skin Facts


•  Benefiting from Mir Skin Care


•  Mir Ingredients


•  Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid


•  Preservatives in Cosmetics


•  Sensitive Skin, hypersensitivity and Rosacea


•  Problematic, acne-prone skin



If you have medical concerns, please don’t write and ask us about how to treat them but do consult your doctor or dermatologist.  Mir is a gentle, effective skin care range which is suitable for the day to day care (cleansing, moisturising, protection) of all complexions but neither our products nor the information provided on our website are intended as a substitute for medical treatment. Some of the blog sections may however be of general interest.

Gisele Mir (updated 13 January 2019)

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