May 10, 2020

Thanks to everyone who has written in over the years.  We’ve included as much feedback as we can in the hope it will help people with similar skin issues.


When the Moisturising Lotion arrived yesterday at my home, it felt good to have a welcome reminder that not everything has changed in our world.  Not for the first time I thought of how I rely on Mir to make my skin feel good and the comfort that gives me.  Thanks to you and your suppliers and team members, and here’s to you all staying healthy and well. (Ruth. E, UK. March 2020)


I started using MIR 4 years ago. My skin has improved greatly on it, and it just works so perfectly for me. A truly simple effective system that my skin tolerates…..I don’t know where else I would find anything like it (I wouldn’t!!). If I ever stopped using it I have a terrible feeling the rosacea and breakouts that started 5 years ago would be back.  Everything else is either all chemicals or all oils it seems….none of that works for me.  As long as I can continue to afford these beautiful products, I am a customer for life. (K. B. USA. June 2019)


Dear Gisele, I want to thank you so much for your incredible skincare! I have rosacea and for the first time in a while my skin is clear and feels incredibly balanced! All I need now is for you to make a body lotion! Thank you!!!  Megan US


I have been using your products for a number of weeks now and have been so impressed! Not only does my skin look and feel great, but I really like what you stand for. As a person who holds a cosmetology license (a U.S. credential for hair and skincare) and a Master’s Degree in Nutrition Science/Biochemistry, I am always searching for products that perform and are healthy to use. Your products are exactly both! Thank you for creating such wonderful skincare and for the great work you do! (Amy H., MS, RD. USA)


What I find truly remarkable is that after being mercilessly assaulted day in and day out with claims of anti-aging this and anti-oxidant that – and having fallen for my share of these claims – a skincare line that makes no promises to treat anything has returned my skin to a more youthful normal state. My skin seems to have integrity again, from the inside out, no products sitting on top so-called softening, firming, or smoothing but my skin looking and behaving like real young, healthy skin.  (Hillary S., USA)


I’ve been thinking that I have become very complacent about my skin over the last year or so. Where I used to think of myself as having problem skin, I now think of myself as having perfectly normal skin. I no longer worry that anything I try is going to break me out and it’s going to take weeks to recover from it.


It really seems like my skin is much less sensitive now and much less inclined to break out every time I experiment with some new makeup or sunscreen or eye cream or hair product. I’ve even had a few people tell me that I’m so lucky to have such good skin that I don’t need makeup.


I’ve also noticed that I can kind of tune up my skin if it’s a bit off by simply slowing down and spending a little more time washing my face each day. It seems like there’s an immediate benefit to leaving the cleansers on a little longer and really being careful to wash every little nook and cranny.  (Michelle P., California, USA)



I have to say, removing my waterproof makeup with the Skin Refresher and Argan Oil is so much nicer than what I was using before. I am amazed that it all comes off the first time – completely unlike eye makeup remover designed just for that purpose! Not to mention the skin around my eyes feels so much better and my eyes are no longer irritated! Thanks again! (Joey W Bristol)


Hello, I just tested for the first time your trial pack and my first sensation is: this is what I have been looking for years!  Leaves my rosacea skin calm and smooth. I also tried your Cleansing Gel for shaving as all the shaving products that I have been testing seems to irritate my skin. This didn’t!  I am definitely going to use this as my shaving gel as well.  I just applied Cleansing Gel on my entire face with circular movements and after a while added little bit more of it on the areas of shaving. Wonderful sensation afterwards! All I added after that was your Moisturising Lotion with 2 drops of Argan Oil. I have never felt my face so good after washing and shaving.  I think you can add this shaving tips to your website!  I am extremely happy for the products and will surely order more in the near future….


To add another lovely experience after now been using your products for several days: Skin Refresher works wonderfully as an After Shave! It doesn’t irritate at all! Leaves shaved face calm and smooth.  I am sure many men, especially those struggling with rosacea,  would be delighted to hear about this option. (Mr V-M V. Tromsø, Norway)


I am back in love with your Moisturising Lotion.  I may have played the field for a while but really now I know that monogamy is the ONLY way forward. It IS skin nectar in a jar.  The only cream to do everything my skin needs without any spots or further flare ups. Perfection in a bottle! Thank you! (Olivia L. London, UK)


I just wanted to write and say how great I think your products are. I usually find moisturisers too heavy for my eyes and they would make my eyes water, red and sore; and my face would feel dried out.


But from the very first time I used the Cleansing Gel and the Moisturising Lotion I have not had this. Instead I have just had cleaner feeling and firmer skin.


The Argan Oil is just brilliant as well!! The lines around my eyes and in between my eyebrows are much reduced from just 5 days use!


I’m really glad that I have found these products; you should feel very proud of your achievements. Best wishes, Jo C.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your wonderful products and service.  I’ve always had questions answered promptly and really appreciate the condition of my skin from using Mir.


I suffered horribly with rosacea when I first started using MIR products and wrote to you for advice. You reminded me that your products were skin care, not skin cure. Well, I had already been through the gamut of doctors but have managed to nurture a significant improvement in my rosacea via diet and wellness (and a couple of natural products).


And through it all, MIR has kept my skin, no matter how red and inflamed, in the best shape it could be at the time. I’m really afraid to try anything else now!  (Janice L., USA)


I know you must hear this all the time but your Cleansing Gel is an absolute miracle product. It’s literally saved my skin! Thanks as always for your great customer service. (Linda S., Vermont USA)


I received my Mir Trial Pack on Saturday morning and instantly flew to the bathroom to try the samples out.  I’m delighted with them, my skin feels calm and comfortable from the first use. I almost cried with joy to have found a range that sets me free, free from the bind of blindly throwing good money after bad on expensive ranges that promise the earth and fail to deliver.


After spending 25 years searching for something that would help my skin, I’ve found it! I can’t thank you enough.


[Update:] I’ve been using my products for nearly two weeks now, so I thought i’d let you know how i’m coming along with them.


I can’t really find words to describe how delighted I am. It gets better day by day! All 5 products are second to none, they’re just amazing. I can’t compare them to anything i’ve used before as they’re unlike anything i’ve used before, (and believe me i’ve used lots.


So thanks again. I feel very priviledged to be using such wonderful skincare and at such an affordable price. Some things are too good to be true! (D. L., UK)


I enthusiastically and emphatically recommend Mir to anyone with sensitive skin. My skincare routine is the simplest it has ever been yet my skin has never looked better.  (Cindy O., USA)


I have been using Mir for about 6 weeks and can honestly say that my skin is in the best condition it ever has been. Having read Gisèle’s philosophy on skin care I have been re-educated … I prefer to let my skin breathe these days.  (Sarah G., Holland Park, London)


I have been using Mir for 6 months and started with a Trial Pack. My skin was extremely sensitive/reactive to everything, very uncomfortable, oily but also sometimes overdry, spotty all over face and neck (which took along time to heal), rosacea, basically horrid!


Now after using Mir for several months, it is calm, soft, clear, comfortable, occasional spots (also now on antibiotics), lines less obvious, more youthful; I am not ashamed of it anymore so my confidence has improved!


To reflect many other customers’ comments, it is just so nice to be able to use every last drop in the bottles and feel confident about reordering without fear and frustration of wasting yet more money and suffering further irritation. Once again, thanks for your amazing vigilance and dedication to bringing this range to the market.  (J. B. UK)


I just wanted to let you know that I received a sample set from you on Monday and have been so impressed with the products after a couple of days use!


I do not have huge problems with my skin, it is oily/reactive and I find it very hard to find products with a suitable consistency and without a fragrance.  I do rather like a thicker consistency moisturiser but the addition of the Argan Oil counteracts any tightness I feel and I fully support the idea of looking at the skin and deciding what it needs rather than doing the same thing every morning/evening.


I applaud the ethos of the company and have found all the information extremely interesting.  Thank you for a great range, the coolness of the products is unbeatable!


[Update:] After 1 weeks use I am noticing good things about my skin! I am extremely pleased with how it feels after using the products, soft, cool and comfortable. I am particularly delighted that I can use a moisturiser around my nose, although I am oily in that area I still need to moisturise after cleansing and yours does not leave an oily slick.  Fab stuff.


I also wanted to say how great the Skin Refresher is – I can’t get over how instantly calming and soothing it feels on my skin and it seems to me so much more than a “toner”, more like a very light serum, and I must say that I don’t use cotton wool pads with it at all, I decant it into a spritzer and spray it into my hands and then onto my face – I love it. (Jan P., West Midlands, UK)


Obviously the very fact that I’m ready to order my third set of Mir products speaks volumes about how fantastic I think they are!  After the first 48 hours of using the full program, I could see a definite turn-around in my skin. There were less new spots and the existing ones were nowhere near as angry or inflamed looking. After 4 weeks, I decided to stop using the antibiotics prescribed by my doctor as I could not see the benefit. Now, 4 months after I started using the Mir system, I can count 2 (very small) pimples on my chin and jaw line.


Considering I have to wear full make up every day to work because I work in the cosmetics industry, I think this is a fantastic result. My self confidence has returned and all of my friends and family have noticed a big difference in me. I am very confident to recommend your products to people with genuinely sensitive skin and also anyone who just wants a good quality, simple range of skin care products without the unnecessary fuss or frills of most designer ranges.


I also want to thank you personally for taking the time to help me understand my skin’s needs … your hands-on approach to business is truly unique selling point for your brand!!!  I just hope that I have been able to help your business in return as I have recommended the MIR products to dozens of my clients suffering in similar ways to myself.  (Susan Y. UK)

Just a quick e-mail to let you know that your products are fantastic. I am 37 years old and in the past 18 months have developed what I think is sensitive skin, I developed a cluster of spots on the left side of my cheek and also on my chin and nose, my nose and chin are slightly oily.


Anyway, whatever I’ve tried – and believe me I’ve tried loads of cleansers, toners, moisturisers and spot creams ranging from L’Oreal, Simple, Clean and Clear, Clinique and none of them worked but just seemed to make things worse.


I read everything on your site and decided that I would order the sample set to give it a try. They arrived last Saturday and I started using them straight away.


At first the only difference I could see is that my skin felt softer and it did not dry out after cleansing, but my spots did not seem to get any better, anyway when cleansing my face this morning I noticed my spots are clearing, I don’t have as many and they are not as red as they were.


I am absolutely thrilled with your products and will continue to use them for the rest of my life. I have also bought the full Mir Complete Set and cannot believe that I have actually found a skin routine that actually works and it only takes five minutes to do each morning and evening. The Refresher and Argan oil mixed together are a fantastic eye make-up remover, so no more harsh removers for my eyes. Thank you and kind regards. (Mandy, T., West Yorkshire)


My skin is looking better than it ever has thanks to the Mir products. It is never greasy or irritated now  I am so thankful I didn’t stop using Mir – thank you for creating such gentle products for sensitive skin  (Julie S., USA)


I’ve been using your skin products for a week now and there is such a difference… I’d tried everything from antibiotics (they work, but it’s not a long time solution!) to every skin product going, and it’s the first time I’ve noticed an improvement in years!  Many thanks.  (Melanie H.  UK)


I have been using Mir for over 5 years. I have smooth skin but dry with slight redness from rosacea. How Mir has helped: The rosacea never progressed, it never got worse..the red is SOOO slight.


I only used Moisturising Lotion AND I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BE WITHOUT IT. I only trust these products for my face. Been using Mir for YEARS now! LOVE IT! (L. B. USA)


I am delighted with your products which I’ve been using for about 7 weeks now. As someone with highly sensitive skin – possibly partly exacerbated by being advised many years ago to use very hot water when I tried the Erno Lazlo range to help my spots – I have found almost everything makes my skin burn and tingle. The couple of things I used recently, which didn’t burn, clogged my pores instead.


I stuck to your instructions on the Fact Sheet and introduced the products gradually and  my skin felt cool, comfortable and smooth from the start.  I now look forward to my morning and evening ritual and feel comfortable in my skin for the first time in years. Many thanks for that.


[Update:]  …ordering two more bottles of the Foaming Wash.  It feels like showering in liquid silk. (Sarah W., UK)  [Thank you Sarah, we love your “liquid silk” description so much that we’ve renamed the product!]


My skin is sensitive, sometimes acne-prone; I have been using Mir for 3 or 4 years and it has normalized my skin and made it soooo much happier. I love you, Gisele! (E. M. USA)


I have been using Mir for one year. My skin and how Mir has helped: oily, dehydrated and sensitive – Mir has helped calm my skin down and hydrate it without overloading.

Love using the products, they suit my skin very well and are quick and easy to use. (N. L. UK)


I have been using Mir for 1 year 4 months, it was recommended to me by Makeupalley members. Could you describe your skin and tell us how Mir has helped?: sensitive. Mir has helped calm and control redness.

What additional products would you like us to add to the Mir range?: More of everything!
Any additional comments?: Love the products.  (L. P. New Zealand)


How long have you been using Mir?: Almost two years.
Could you describe your skin and tell us how Mir has helped?: Has meant I have not needed antibiotics for my rosacea since using Mir.

What additional products would you like us to add to the Mir range?: Eye cream perhaps.

Any additional comments?: I love the Argan Beauty Oil makes my skin feel really soft and a little goes a long way (J. H. UK)

[Thanks Ms J: Skin Silk is both moisturiser and eye cream.]


How long have you been using Mir?: 2 years on and off.

Could you describe your skin and tell us how Mir has helped?:
I have oily skin/blocked pores with red areas and some broken capillaries. I react badly to any sort of anti acne treatment, and SLS brings me out in spots. I have tried a wide variety including “sensitive” skin care and “natural” products.


Mir is the only make of skin care which thoroughly cleanses without irritating and moisturises without blocking my pores. It is a pleasure to use and makes the skin feel comfortable.


I am ashamed to admit I have strayed from time to time (mainly because Mir isn’t as cheap as some of the alternatives) but when my skin gets all sore, spotty and irritated I always have to come back to my Mir products which calm my skin. And a little does go a long way, the bottles last for ages. So I would highly recommend Mir to anyone with sensitive skin.


A tip for other Mir users: A tiny bit of Argan oil ( drop only) overnight on oily areas will calm down oil production, if it is flaring up e.g. due to stress or hot weather. (not sure if I invented this or read it somewhere but it works well!) (S. Stacey UK)


My skin is dry and sensitive. Every product I used would work for a week then started to burn my face and make it red. I have tried every range of sensitive skin product, I would use it a couple of time and it would dry and irritate my skin so bad so I would have to change every week to new products.


I ordered the trial samples for dry skin this is my third week no problems “THANK YOU SO MUCH” I just ordered the full size Skin Silk Lotion. Love the cleanser will be ordering that soon. It is a little expensive but my face is worth it. (J McCoy USA)


I’ve been using your excellent range for over a year and thought it was time to write in and thank you specially as I don’t see other feedback from men.  I get headaches from most products and could never find any fragrance free stuff that worked.  I was limited to using some nasty gunk from the pharmacy until a colleague (also male) pointed me in your direction and I’ve never looked back.  No more headaches and a rash I thought was caused by shaving has disappeared. If anyone reading this is hesitating, order a Trial Pack they’re only a few quid and can be refilled for the gym and weekends away. Keep up the good work! (James L. London, UK)


Just a quick note to thank you for the Body Wash.  A few days of use and my dry itchy patches are no more plus the no-tears formula means it’s perfect for my daughter too.  Highly recommended as a handwash in the kitchen where scented products can interfere with food prep.


As for the rest of your range, I’ve been using all your products since 2004 and no longer think of myself as having sensitive skin.  Hands down the best sensitive skin care products ever!  But please can we have a body lotion too? (Marian S. Leeds, UK)


I was most impressed with the Trial Pack I ordered a couple of weeks ago and have now ordered two sets of the full range. I also ordered a further sample set which I intend to give as a present to “spread the word”. I recently underwent surgery to remove a basal cell carcinoma on my face. I have a further two suspect areas so it is vital for me to use pure products and I am delighted to have found MIR.


I am using the top plastic surgeons and cancer specialists in London as well as a wonderful nutrition expert and I will be telling them about the Mir range. I am encouraged to do so by the amazing results I have had with the Argan Oil on my scar which has healed incredibly well.


I did a test and only used the oil on one of my two scars and the difference is remarkable.  (A. M. UK)


I absolutely love the contribution you have made for all us women (and men) who search for health and healing of our sensitive/rosacea skin. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you’ve done by making a line of products that are superb!

I never thought I would love a line of products this much because every time I tried anything (and  I think I’ve almost tried everything) it always failed. Your products are perfect for my skin.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I would also like to let people know that it takes time to get your skin balanced, so just stick with Mir products and you will NOT be disappointed  In fact you will be very happy! Thank you so very much Gisele, sincerely from a tried and true customer. (Jennifer WM USA)


In addition to a Mir Gift Voucher, I also received a Mir Trial Pack for Christmas. I have been using it for the past few weeks and am SO excited about the products. It’s the first time in my life that I can wash my face without the result being red and tight and dry.  (Jennifer F. USA)


Thank you for bringing such wonderful products into my life. My skin has never looked or felt so good. You and your products are a true Godsend.  From someone who has suffered from cystic acne that is no small compliment!!!  (Rhonda C. USA)


Just to say I received the samples on Saturday thanks so much. I’ve tried it all and the cleansing exfoliator is amazing, the beads feel like they are really doing their job and the gel doesn’t disappear into nothing which means the product lasts.


The moisturiser is also light and I haven’t tried anything quite like it. My skin is already looking radiant which is great being 7 months pregnant. I have tried and tested many skin care products over the years due to my blemish/spot prone skin including SK11, Dr Haushka, Eve Lom to name but a few.  So just to say you have a very satisfied customer and I will be ordering the whole set tout-suite.  (Diana, London)


I am now into my second week of using the products and already I can see a slight improvement. That is not faint praise by the way, anything else I have tried in the past five years or so has resulted in an immediate disimprovement. The products are absolutely beautiful to use, I was so pleased with the smell, texture etc that I ordered the full sizes immediately after using them for the first day.  (C. O’B.  Ireland)


I have never come across more gentle skin products…for once I am able to throw out empty bottles rather than those which have hardly been used. I was impressed from the start as to how professional Gisèle Mir has been, both in a business sense and in her knowledge about skincare. I’ve found her to be highly committed to and passionate about what she is doing and she has never failed to provide exemplary customer service and after sales advice. She is genuinely interested in helping customers use the Mir range in the best way for them and also how to go about caring for their skin in general.


[Update:] I have now been using Mir for 4 years.


My skin was very sensitive, dry in patches and prone to breakouts. Suffered rosacea flareups occasionally too.


After a lifetime of struggling with sensitive, allergic skin I have finally found the solution in your wonderful range of products – no more flare ups or itchy red skin. (G. A. UK)



Thank you so much. I really can’t believe what a difference your products make. I was trying to stretch out the samples since they are rather expensive – but worth it – for a school teacher’s salary. I used up some products I had prior to finding Mir and I could tell the difference in no time! To be honest, I am surprised what a difference your products make to my skin.  (Jennifer B., USA)


I LOVE these products!  In the past 2-3 years, I have tried so many skincare lines which at first were wonderful, but soon enough my skin would be breaking out, itchy, completely unable to tolerate what I was using. I NEVER thought it would be possible to have clear, glowing skin with only a few products and NO acne products, but I DO!  (Kerri C., USA)


I just had to write and tell you how thrilled I am with your products. I’m recovering from an unfortunate experiment with BHAs and my skin has been a mess – red, itchy dry! I have so many different products under my bathroom sink I could start my own cosmetics counter – but none of them worked. Then I ordered the Mir sample set and in just four days my skin has cleared up, stopped itching and feels soft and smooth. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  (Mary M., California, USA)