December 7, 2016

Rosacea & Hypersensitivity

Mir Sensitive Skin Care is the only range developed by a cosmetic scientist who has rosacea and hypersensitive skin. So we go further to ensure our products are as gentle and effective as possible. If you’ve tried many products and found them to be irritating or pore-clogging, despite claims to the contrary it could be for any of the reasons below:

Did you know?


  • Sensitive skin care ranges are formulated for the 60% of people who think they have sensitive skin, not the 6% who actually do. They only exclude the most obvious irritants leaving in many substances that cause or exacerbate sensitive skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, psoriasis etc.


  • Sensitive skin care products are tested on the arms of volunteers – not on sensitive faces.


  • Organic ranges, allergy tested products and those for rosacea often contain irritants, fragrance, and heavy pore-clogging oils – all of which should be avoided by even the healthiest complexions.


  • Fragrance free products invariably contain essential oils which are just as irritating as artificial fragrance/perfume.
  • Skin can react immediately to a product or irritation can develop almost imperceptibly over a period of time, this is known as cumulative irritation.



How will Mir benefit your skin?


Products work together as a complete system:

•  Our cleansers begin by balancing the skin – the oiliness, dryness and, most importantly, the pH.

•  Our lotions drench the skin with moisture without clogging pores.

• Argan Beauty Oil works in harmony with all our products, enhancing benefits and versatility.


Right from the start, everything begins to feel better. In time, the skin starts to function the way it should and looks better too.


Will Mir treat my skin problem?

Skin Care versus Skin Cure: Mir will gently care for your skin on a day to day basis (cleansing, moisturising, protecting) but neither our products nor the information provided on our website are intended as a substitute for medical treatment. If you have a skin problem which persists despite using our products seek medical advice.


Even if you are using prescription or over the counter (OTC) treatments, which we refer to as “skin cure” products, you still need to keep your skin clean, supple and protected.  An OTC cleanser might not remove your make up, so you may need to pre-wash with Mir (skin care).  Treatment cleansers, lotions, gels etc (skin cure) may leave your skin dry and tight, so you may need to moisturise (skin care). It’s just a case of using common sense really and “listening to your skin”.


Mir will keep your skin clean and comfortable, it will soothe without clogging pores and will help to restore balance.  Many of our customers find that redness, irritation and itching are gradually relieved.


In a nutshell, when it comes to skin care, you will find nothing that is as beneficial to your complexion as Mir but if you have a problem which cannot be helped by skin care alone, then only you can decide whether or not you need to see a medical practitioner.


People are often reluctant to seek medical advice for what they perceive to be minor skin complaints perhaps because they don’t want to waste their doctor’s time or they might not want to avoid using antibiotics, topical treatments etc.


It is far more sensible to see your doctor early on, if only to obtain a diagnosis of the problem and put your mind at rest, than to mess around with your skin for weeks or months with natural remedies in an effort to self-treat, which could result in exacerbating the problem.


So to recap: it is important to differentiate between products designed to care for your skin and those designed to treat it and to decide for yourself whether or not you need to seek medical advice, if you find yourself wondering about this, then you probably should!


Find out how to use any prescription or OTC products in conjunction with Mir by contacting your doctor or pharmacist. The order in which skin care and treatment products are used depends on the treatment being used.


Rosacea in particular


Mir is the only natural skincare range developed by a cosmetic scientist and holistic skincare expert who actually has rosacea and hypersensitive, blemish-prone skin.


Rosacea is the most sensitive skin condition that dermatologists treat, so products suitable for sensitive skin, babies and even the kindest organic ranges simply don’t go far enough for us. Unfortunately, many of the ranges claiming to be suitable for rosacea have been developed by people who have little or no understanding of the disease or of the effects of cosmetic ingredients on the skin.


So what is it? It’s a chronic skin disease which can’t be cured, but can be controlled. It starts off as a cosmetic inconvenience, flushing and blushing and gradually each time you blush a little of the colour remains behind. Eventually there is a permanent flush to the cheeks, nose etc. There may also be small red spots, papules, and pustules and broken capillaries. In the later stages, there can be tissue swelling, most commonly this affects the nose and can only be rectified through surgery. So that’s it in a nutshell, a progressive disease which is hardly noticeable at first but can progress to a distressing, disfiguring stage.


Your face can feel hot, irritated, itchy and sore. You will find that certain situations, environmental factors, foods, drinks, cosmetic ingredients etc can *trigger* a flare up. It’s important to keep a journal to help you identify and avoid those triggers because each time you flush (or have a “flare up”) you can cause the disease to progress.


If you have just been diagnosed with rosacea, please do not despair because it can be controlled and the chances of it reaching the most severe stage are unlikely. Find out as much as you can about it – there are plenty of books and internet support groups out there. If you’ve been diagnosed, consider yourself fortunate. I was treated for acne by a leading UK dermatologist for eight years and finally found out that the acne medications he prescribed had contributed greatly to the condition.


The difference that makes Mir different


We all understand the importance of avoiding cosmetic ingredients that cause immediate irritation but there is also cumulative irritation, which develops slowly and almost imperceptibly and can worsen sensitivity and cause rosacea to progress from a mild to advanced stage.


Heavy oils and irritating substances: Amazingly, most skin care ranges claiming to be suitable for sensitive skin or rosacea and certainly ALL natural and organic ranges contain heavy oils, essential oils and other substances that exacerbate these conditions. These gradually undermine the integrity of the skin’s vital functions leading not only to skin problems but also to premature ageing. It is of paramount importance to treat the skin with the utmost respect, care and intelligence. We are all used to the idea of cardiovascular fitness – we need to focus on skin fitness too.


Beneficial botanicals: During the ten years I spent researching and developing Mir, I discovered a few botanicals and other materials that benefit, balance and soothe when used at precisely the right concentrations. I also learned that using gentle and balancing products helps to prevent ageing.


Mir Argan Beauty Oil is excellent for rosacea and hypersensitivity because it has anti inflammatory properties, it’s also non comedogenic (won’t block pores) and can even be used to treat blemishes.


We use ingredients at the most beneficial, effective levels. An example is aloe vera.  Wonderful stuff, we experimented with it extensively whilst researching and developing Mir and it is highly beneficial to sensitive skin and rosacea BUT ONLY when used at certain percentages. (And, if you are wondering what that is, it’s a Mir trade secret!) Aloe vera encourages blood to come to the surface of the skin in order to speed up the healing process, this is excellent for minor burns but not for rosacea as the last thing you want is blood rushing to the surface of your skin – flushing and blushing in other words. Used at beneficial Mir levels, it brings almost instant relief to irritated, hot, flushed skin.

One of the websites claiming its products will “cure” rosacea just sells aloe vera, which leads to the next point…


Many companies have jumped on the rosacea bandwagon developing products that are totally unsuitable. These often claim their products will “cure” your rosacea – it’s incurable – or will contain pointless ingredients, such as colour, fragrance etc. I deliberately don’t broadcast my rosacea problem because I don’t want people to associate Mir with those companies.


Rosacea and hypersensitivity may be accompanied by additional complications such as seborrhoeic dermatitis (typically involving flaking, greasiness of skin and/or scalp) perioral dermatitis, pityrosporum folliculitis and acne.   Products for sensitive skin can be too rich and cause breakouts, those for acne-prone skin are too harsh. Conventional anti ageing products with their skin peeling irritants must be avoided at all costs and most natural/organic ranges contain heavy oils and essential oils which respectively clog pores and irritate. Cool, clean Mir soothes, smooths and balances without clogging pores.