December 16, 2018

Mir Ingredients

Mir is formulated with optimally effective levels of skin-friendly ingredients and minimal additives. In our many years of researching botanicals and sensitive skin, we have found that certain ingredients, reputed to be beneficial can have the opposite effect if included at too high or low a level in a formulation.


Oil-based products, offered by many organic ranges, aren’t a healthy option for any complexion. Our water-based cleansers and lotions feel light, cool and fresh and can be customised for your skin with a drop or two of Mir Argan Beauty Oil.



The ingredients we exclude are as important as those we include:


You won’t find these in Mir:


•  artificial or natural fragrance
•  essential oils
•  irritating botanicals
•  colours and dyes
•  heavy, pore-clogging oils such as avocado, coconut, peanut, olive, sunflower
•  mineral oils
•  animal derivatives
•  AHAs and BHAs
•  soap and sulphates.


In fact we exclude or limit more than 200 adverse, ineffective and pointless ingredients, some of which are listed in Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid.


The Mir Difference: Limiting ingredients to such an extent makes products complex and time-consuming to formulate and costly to produce.  But if we didn’t do it Mir would be just like any other sensitive skin care range.


Where the total exclusion of particular raw materials would adversely affect the skin’s health or compromise the safety, stability or integrity of our products, these have only been included at minimal concentrations.


When you see chemical additives in our ingredients lists rest assured that they have only been used where absolutely necessary and at the lowest possible levels.  Using them enables us to formulate products that will give you beautifully balanced, clear, supple skin.



Skin-friendly ingredients used at optimally beneficial levels.



We don’t pad out our ingredient lists with dozens of natural substances used at ineffective levels and we don’t believe in five minute wonders so our key ingredients are chosen for their well-established, renowned, multiple skin care benefits. Here are a few of them with links to the products they feature in:


•  Moroccan Argan oil, organic, cosmetic grade – Mir liquid gold Argan Beauty Oil, provides all the skin-smoothing benefits you could ask for with none of the disadvantages of the skin irritants and skin peelers found in most anti ageing products PLUS it has the additional benefits of being anti inflammatory and non comedogenic. Used with the rest of the range it turns Mir into a Miracle.
(Argan Beauty Oil, Skin Silk Lotion)


•  Marshmallow extract – calming and healing.  (Skin Silk Lotion, Liquid Silk Shower Gel)


•  Organic rosewater – soothing, cleansing, refreshing and used for centuries to care for the skin. (Cleansing Gel, Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, Skin Silk Lotion, Skin Refresher)


•  Chinese green tea – anti oxidant and soothing. (Moisturising Lotion, Cleansing Gel, Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, Liquid Silk Foaming Wash)


•  Chinese white tea – anti oxidant and soothing (Skin Silk)


•  Aloe vera – used in our products at the correct, optimal levels is soothing, refreshing, healing and oh so cool!  Used undiluted it is excellent on minor burns but – here’s a little-known fact – when you use it at over a certain percentage in a skin care product it can have the opposite effect. (Cleansing Gel, Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, Skin Silk Lotion, Moisturising Lotion, Skin Refresher)


•  African shea butter – superbly moisturising and soothing, leaves skin supple and smooth (Moisturising Lotion and Skin Silk Lotion)


•  Rosehip oil – excellent for dry skin, calming, smoothing used in our products at the correct levels.  Used undiluted it can be too rich for problematic skin.
(Skin Silk Lotion)


•  Sodium hyaluronate – amazing skin-drenching ingredient (Moisturising Lotion)


•  Panthenol – soothing, smoothing, hydrating. (Moisturising Lotion)


•  Wild chamomile – soothing and healing. (Cleansing Gel, Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, Moisturising Lotion)


•  Allantoin – soothing and healing. (Skin Silk Lotion, Moisturising Lotion, Skin Refresher)


•  Jojoba oil – close to the skin’s own oil in composition, excellent for holding in moisture and soothing troubled skins.  (Moisturising Lotion)


•  Jojoba beads – (shown as “hydrogenated jojoba oil” in the ingredients list) soft and smooth, they gently yet effectively remove loose skin flakes helping to keep skin fresh and clear. We have never used plastic beads in our products. (Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser)



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