January 31, 2019

Sensitive Skin Facts

Focusing on sensitive skin, a short guide to how skin works and what it needs, including: skin problems and solutions, the importance of balance, the acid mantle and pH. Acne. How to exfoliate. Acute and cumulative irritation.


Skin sensitivity and other problems 


Despite technological advances and cosmetic companies touting the benefits of their miraculous products there are now more people than ever with sensitivity, blemishes, rosacea, prematurely aged skin, red noses, pink cheeks, broken capillaries and generally unhappy skin.


Stress and diet can be blamed for some of it. But not all of it.


Product choices tend to be influenced by advertising, magazines, celebrity endorsements, blogs and claims made by manufacturers.


Product choices should be influenced by your knowledge of how skin works, how yours feels and your ability to “listen” to it and interpret what it needs.


It’s simple, obvious and all you need to do is read this short article – and use Mir of course!


cleanse gently, moisturise lightly,
balance your skin, less is more


Balance: the Acid Mantle and pH


Hydrogen potential or as it is better known, pH, is measured on a scale of 0 to 14, with 0 being the most acidic and 14 the most alkaline.  Water is neutral at 7. The skin is covered by the acid mantle and is slightly acidic with a pH of about 5.5.


Acne: One of the functions of the acid mantle is to protect against acne-causing bacteria and the formation of pimples.


Dry skin: it also helps to prevent moisture being lost through the skin’s surface also known as TEWL (transepidermal water loss).


Most foaming cleansers and all soaps, (however natural or moisturising) wash the acid mantle away….



Skin care products can affect the skin’s pH. Soap and foaming cleansers tend to be alkaline and will lessen the protective functions of the acid mantle, which can result in spots, blemishes or dryness . That’s why we don’t recommend using them on your face.


It doesn’t matter how natural or moisturising the soap is, it is the very method of manufacture that renders all soaps too alkaline for the face. Simple as that.


In a healthy skin, pH will revert to normal within 20 minutes or so of using products which are not pH balanced.


But if you constantly bombard it with “unbalanced” or aggressive products – including most problem skin and anti ageing products – its health will suffer and its natural functions may become impaired.


Gentle, effective Mir will care for your skin, respecting the integrity of its natural functions and helping to keep it perfectly balanced.



Balance: cleanse gently, moisturise lightly


Most people do the exact opposite by using aggressive cleansers, which strip the skin dry, then smothering their skin with either too much moisturiser or one that is too rich.


The problem:



•  Rinse-off foaming cleansers can be harsh and drying. This can lead to a never-ending cycle of over-cleansing and over-moisturising cycle resulting in unbalanced, unhealthy skin.


•  Wipe-off cleansers can leave a residue which clogs pores. Balms which need to be removed with hot cloths are the worst of all as greasy products are unhealthy and you should never use heat on your skin.


The solution:


Break the cycle of over-cleansing and over-moisturising..



When you get the cleansing part right, you don’t need much more ..


After cleansing with gentle, effective Mir Cleansing Gel your skin will feel clean, supple and fresh. It’s a water-based, rinse-off cleanser which doesn’t leave skin thirsty for moisturiser.


If you wear waterproof or indelible foundation,  you may need to double-cleanse or follow with Skin Refresher. A cleanser that gets everything off in one go may be too harsh and could start off the over-cleansing, over-moisturising cycle.

Desquamation and Exfoliation



Skin naturally renews itself every 28 days through the process of desquamation: new, plump cells are formed deep within the layers, these flatten as they move towards its surface becoming completely flat and eventually loosening and falling off.


The aim of exfoliation is simply to remove any cells which are just about ready to go. The aim is not to peel the skin or interfere with its natural functions.


Using chemical exfoliants (AHAs etc) disrupts balance. Mir Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser with gentle jojoba scrub beads puts you in control of the degree of exfoliation.




Cumulative irritation



There are two types of irritation:


immediate/acute irritation, which is self-explanatory and


cumulative irritation, the more worrying of the two because unless you’ve been researching the link between cosmetic ingredients and skin health for over thirty years –  as I have – you won’t know which ingredients can produce cumulative irritation or why it’s so important to avoid them.


This is why I have excluded more than 200 ingredients from Mir, including those known to produce cumulative irritation.


Cumulative irritation can develop almost imperceptibly over time. This means you could use a product which seems to suit your skin at first but you later begin to notice increased sensitivity, blemishes, redness etc. This is of particular concern if  you have a sensitive skin condition, such as rosacea.


Start with:

Trial Pack – all skin types

Trial Pack – normal/dry

Trial Pack – combination/oily


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